5 Unusual Spider Hiding Places

We all need relief from spiders but if we don’t know where they hide then how could we treat them? We should know about Spider hiding places in order to remove them from our house. If we don’t have spider hiding places then where will you apply the method of getting rid of spiders? There are many places of hiding used by spiders if we know some of those places. In every house spiders wanted places to hide and hibernate. These places are also not visible with naked eyes. If we want to know about places then firstly we have to know something about spiders like spiders like moisture atmosphere and dark places. So, after this you need to do spider control.

Spider Control
Spider Control

Here are some Unusual Spider hiding places you need to know

There are many places where we can find spiders in and out of our house but we are going to talk about the most prominent and most used 5 places of hiding used by spiders.

1. Firstly I wanted to tell you that spiders like dirty places. So, they can be under your sink in the kitchen and under your hand washer area. These places are mostly dirty. There are more dirty places.

2. Another point is to be noted that spiders want dark places. So, they hide under beds and make their webs. These are mostly found in our bedroom which is also their hiding place.

3. Spiders like moisture so they hide in bathroom and near leaked pipes because there is a flow of water which provides a moisture atmosphere to them and they reproduce also. We can get spider webs from the bathroom and leaked pipes. 

4. Another place is the storage which always remains dirty and does not get light from outside. Storage rooms remain dark as they are built under or very inside in the house. These also provide relatable conditions for sliders to hide.

5. The most used place for hiding is the kitchen because some people do not wash utensils from time to time which attracts insects and these insects ultimately attract spiders and then spider hide in the kitchen and make their house in the kitchen. The famous place for hiding spiders in corners of the walls but we can’t say they are hiding because we can see them clearly hanging on the walls but since they are found it is their hiding place. We can evenly find more hiding places but mostly these are.


These spiders wait for their food until they hide in these places. Their webs create a nuisance in life because in the kitchen we make our food so they can spoil it or spread their webs all over the food. These spiders can be easily found in the outside balcony because in the leaves they can get more and more insects to eat. These are some simple places which they mostly use to hide. Everyone should know about these places in order to get relief from spiders. Spiders are harmful and we should remove them. To remove these spider hire the best pest control services in Romsey.